Tempest at the Globe

Expedition Course: Rehearsing THE TEMPEST on the Globe Stage in London

Advancing academic excellence has always been an important part of my participation in the academy. I fully believe that the most effective learning occurs through project based student/faculty collaboration and that teaching occurs not only in the classroom and studio but also in the hallways, on the quad, and through the use of technology. I believe that students gain a more comprehensive understanding of the subject area through experiential learning. This learning paradigm allows students to master specific skill sets while being engaged in activities that require higher reasoning practices including critical thinking, creative problem-solving, and collaboration; all key competencies for artist/scholar/citizens in the 21st century. Whether at the graduate or undergraduate level, education and training must be challenging; encouraging students and faculty alike to reconsider existing conventions, processes, and knowledge basis to either validate or to reinvent the stage. As an administrator, one of my key responsibilities is to facilitate dynamic learning that allows for artistic risk-taking by creating an environment that is supportive of faculty and students; that fosters creativity, collaboration, and excellence; and that has appropriate resources including facilities, personnel and funding.