I am a very lucky man. Not only is my life filled with a passion for the arts, but I am also surrounded by those who feed my passion with their love for me. I am above all else the husband to a beautiful, intelligent and loving woman, Eli, and the proud father to four  wonderful children: Jesse, Aaron, Beka,and Callista. They make my life whole. My love for them and for the arts gives my life balance. I believe that you can have it all; Life, Love, Career, and Family.

Other Items of Interest:

Favorite Quote:  The Roman Rule – Those who say it can’t be done should never interrupt those that are doing it.

Favorite Book: The Three Musketeers or Horatio Hornblower Saga.

Favorite Movie: The Duelists.

Favorite Musician: Jimmy Buffet of course!

Favorite Drink: Diet Coke!

Favorite Drink Enhancer: Rum.

Favorite Question to Answer:  How did you lose your finger?